YouTube Newswire offers curated videos of important events

YouTube has decided to take advantage of the large number of videos showing important events that are uploaded to its service, and it is doing so through its newly announced "YouTube Newswire". YouTube Newswire is a new hub of sorts for videos of "emerging news events" taken by the eyewitnesses who are there when it happens. Such a hub is being done in partnership with Storyful, which will be taking care of the curation end of things. For viewers, this simply provides a new way to sort through the videos and find ones related to weather, news, and politics.

YouTube Newswire was announced today by YouTube in partnership with Storyful, which is a social news agency the video service says it has worked with in the past. Storyful's workers will be tasked with verifying and curating content that will be found on Newswire, and will also deal with requests to use the content elsewhere.

Says YouTube, Newswire will give journalists "an invaluable resource" for finding videos taken of emerging events. It will present content from around the globe, but will also feature feeds of content that are more regional in nature, allowing those in any particular region to see videos more relevant to wherever they happen to be.

This is part of YouTube's latest efforts to surface eyewitness videos for events. Joining it is the new group The First Draft Coalition, which is designed to help journalists verify content and learn more about the process. The company has brought in various experts to help with this.

SOURCE: YouTube Blog