YouTube Music Smart Downloads will make mixtapes from songs you liked

YouTube Music was created to address what the company discovered to be one of the service's biggest use cases. But organizing playlists by hand can be a daunting task, especially when the subscription service boasts of thousands of songs. If you're the type to prefer spontaneity and surprise in your music selection, the app's new Smart Downloads feature might tickle your fancy. Either that or make you be more careful about the songs you Liked.

YouTube Music has long let users create mixtapes for listening even without an Internet connection. Called "Offline Mixtape", the feature downloads songs based on songs the user likes and suggestions based on the user's listening profile. Given Google's penchant for machine learning and automation, there's a small chance it might not get the music right.

Smart Downloads leaves little to chance and creates a mixtape based only on songs you clicked "Like" on. As with Offline Mixtape, these are then downloaded to the device for playback even when off the grid.

There are a few things users should note about it, though. It can download up to 500 songs but you can select how many it will actually keep. It will also only download when you're connected to Wi-Fi and only at night to minimize disruption and charges.

Smart Downloads and Offline Mixtape coexist side by side and both can be used depending on your preferences or mood. Of course, it's only available in territories where YouTube Music exists and only if you have YouTube Music Premium. It also seems to be an Android exclusive for now.