YouTube Music Playlists gets smarter, more social

Much to the consternation of Play Music users, Google is clearly pinning its music business on YouTube Music. Naturally, it is trying to convince the users that the latter offers an even better experience than the former. While some are still looking for feature parity, YouTube Music is busy rolling out new features that would put it on the same footing as its bigger and stronger rivals like Spotify and Apple Music, features like making playlists more dynamic and even more collaborative.

Gone are the days when playlists were simply that, lists of music or videos you'd play over and over again, grouped and arranged whichever way you prefer. With thousands of songs and hundreds for artists available online, it can be a chore trying to even just discover new ones that could fit your musical tastes.

That's where YouTube Music's improved playlists come in, sprinkling some magic AI dust to make it easier to populate your playlists. For example, it will surface up to seven suggests when you're creating your playlist based on the playlist name, songs already in the playlist, and your listening habits.

You don't even have to create playlists on your own anymore since you can now work with friends and connected YouTube Music users to make an even bigger list that you can then share around. That's not the only social aspect to the service's new playlists, though. You can view users' public playlists and add them to your own if they interest you.

Not a fan of fixed playlists? YouTube Music's Mixed for You offers an ever-changing selection based on what it thinks fits your tastes and interests. And if you have more of a radio habit, YouTube Music's programmed Mood & Genre playlists will collect fitting music from across its vast collection to offer the right tunes at the right time.