YouTube Music's new filter makes it easier to avoid 'liked' videos

YouTube Music, the company's music streaming service, has been quietly updated with a new feature that helps keep content fresh by giving users the option of avoiding videos they've already given a thumbs up. This filter is designed to skip videos that you've already liked on YouTube, helping keep YouTube Music and the regular YouTube platform separate.

YouTube, of course, is packed full of videos while YouTube Music is focused on songs. If you particularly like a video, you've likely "liked" it so that you can find it in the future without much effort. Until now, these "liked" videos also appeared in users' playlists on YouTube Music, in some cases causing duplicates of the same tracks.

As recently spied by Android Police, YouTube Music has been quietly updated with a new feature that allows users to avoid these videos by toggling off the option. The new setting reads:

Show your liked music from YouTube. Music videos you've marked with a thumbs up in other YouTube apps will show in Your Likes playlist.

The feature was first spied earlier this year, but is now available to all YouTube Music users. This new option is turned on by default, so you'll need to head into Settings to turn it off (if you don't want to see the videos). The result should be the removal of liked YouTube videos from the YouTube Music playlist.