YouTube Mobile Apps To Get Off-Line Viewing In November

YouTube is one of the most visited streaming video sites on the Internet. It creates a huge amount of traffic, even if that traffic is difficult for Google and YouTube to monetize. YouTube has announced a new feature is coming to YouTube mobile soon that will allow for off-line video viewing.

As it is now with mobile applications, the user has to be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile data network to be able to stream YouTube video on the go. YouTube has announced via its Creators blog that a feature is coming to YouTube mobile apps that will let users watch video when they're not connected to the Internet.

The feature will allow users to add videos directly to their device to watch for a short time when a web connection is unavailable. YouTube doesn't specify exactly how short the time frame is for videos to be available off-line.

YouTube says that the feature will allow you to watchers to continue viewing videos in situations like during their morning commute without having to be connected to the web. YouTube also notes that this feature is part of its ongoing updates designed to give users more opportunity to enjoy video and channels on the go. It appears that the new feature will come sometime in November with more details announced closer to launch.