YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 7, 2017
YouTube messaging arrives in-app to simplify video sharing

In its present form, sharing a YouTube video from the service’s mobile app requires the user to tap the ‘Share’ button, then choose a third-party app through which to share the videos — WhatsApp, Facebook, or something similar. That ends now. YouTube has decided to bake messaging directly within the app, allowing users to share videos with friends without leaving the app.

The messaging feature works pretty much exactly how you’d expect. If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger or any number of similar apps, you’ll be able to jump straight into YouTube’s offering without trouble. The video below demonstrates the app in action, but it isn’t dissimilar from how YouTube sharing currently works.

If you’re watching a video on YouTube that you like, you can tap the ‘Share’ option and then choose one of your YouTube friends in the resulting menu. Choosing them will pull up a text field in which to send a message along with the video. The demonstration above indicates that you don’t have to be actively watching a video to share it directly within the app.

YouTube explains that you can invite friends to join a conversation you’re having on YouTube, and to hold general chats within the app. It seems YouTube may anticipate its app becoming something like a general messaging option, though no doubt it will only appeal to those who frequently swap videos with their friends. Of course, sharing through third-party apps isn’t going away.

Once the updated app arrives on your phone, you’ll see a new tab that contains all the shared videos. It seems your YouTube friends will be able to see videos you have shared in general; there’s also the option to share a video directly with multiple people through the messaging functionality. YouTube says the feature is available now, though not everyone is seeing it at this point.

SOURCE: YouTube Blog

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