YouTube livestreams get support for playing pre-recorded videos

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 21, 2018, 7:08pm CDT
YouTube livestreams get support for playing pre-recorded videos

Fresh out of VidCon, YouTube has announced new features specifically for its content creators, not the least of which is the ability to play pre-recorded videos during livestreams. YouTube calls these “Premieres,” presenting them as a way to offer existing content as live content for ushering in a planned livestreaming event.

Until now, YouTube creators could schedule a livestream and their audience would have to wait for it to start. Premieres change that, offering a way to show videos before the actual livestream starts. Creators can use this as a opportunity to help everyone get up-to-date on what they may have missed, to introduce the context for the video, or just to keep viewers entertained while they wait.

Viewers can chat with each other during these premieres, as demonstrated in the video above. YouTube says it will automatically create a landing page when the creator uses Premieres, and it’ll also trigger an on-screen countdown when the creator is ready to transition from the pre-recorded footage to their live video.

YouTube likewise positions Premieres as a new way to earn revenue, touching on a sore spot many creators have with the platform. This opens the door for using Super Chat with regular videos, not just livestreams, as well as Channel Membership benefits that are exclusive to livestreaming content.

The company says it is rolling out Premieres to some of its creators starting today, and that they’ll be available to more people “soon.” In addition, YouTube has joined up with Teespring to help creators sell merchandise and launched that aforementioned Channel Membership features, which gives viewers unique goodies (like exclusive posts) in exchange for $4.99/month.

SOURCE: YouTube Blog

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