YouTube is down today, it's not just you

This morning YouTube went down at approximately 11AM CST, with reports coming in throughout the hour. At the moment it would not appear that collection pages are down, just pages with display information about the videos and the videos themselves. Users trying to access YouTube videos throughout the United States are seeing messages that include talk of "something went wrong" and the always classic "A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation."

We're expecting more than the general number of #monkeys to be seen this afternoon as YouTube appears to be down in certain places, but not others, across the United States. With listing pages up and individual YouTube video pages down, it's far more likely that YouTube will be hammered with traffic in this situation than if the entire site was down at once.

The "500 Internal Server Error" has continued for about an hour this morning and will likely continue to appear through the afternoon. According to Google's own listing of app uptimes, only Postini is having trouble today – and has been having trouble for the past few days, mind you. YouTube seems to be up and running – according to Google.

Stay tuned as we continue to monitor YouTube to see if it's back up or if this will be an extended event. In the past, issues such as this have been resolved within the hour.