YouTube is down, it's not just you

This afternoon Google's YouTube video hosting service appears to be suffering a service outage, though as of this article's initial publication time, representatives have not made an official statement. Watching this event through several "likely service disruption" websites makes the situation clear from user perspectives, with one site, Down Detector, showing less than 10 reports of problems from YouTube throughout the day and a whopping 69 reports in the last hour.

Meanwhile the crowd-powered service monitoring site Down Right Now is showing a most recent "widespread service disruption" starting approximately one hour before 4:50 PM CST. Highly-trafficked site-checker, aka Down For Everyone Or Just Me has shown a consistent " is up" since reports of downtime began.

Google itself lists its own app statuses through their official Apps Status Dashboard. There it would appear that YouTube is all well and good, no disruption detected.

"500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation."

It would appear at the moment that a "500 Internal Server Error" (as pasted above) is most common in reports from users on Twitter and those sending in tips to SlashGear. If you're experiencing something similar, please feel free to comment below or sent word through SlashGear's tip line accessible right up top and center of the webpage. Stay tuned as we await official word on the situation, hopefully soon!