YouTube introduces top games chart and 'YouTube Gaming'

YouTube is being coy, and it has something video game related up its digital sleeves. The video company recently launched a new "YouTube Gaming" Twitter account, and though it only has two tweets at this point, there's a picture showing devices teasing some sort of video game-centric product [Update: it has been officially introduced. Details after the jump]. Also introduced today is a new "YouTube Top Trending Games" chart detailing "what's going to be big tomorrow". The latter of the two intends to help gamers choose which game they should play next.

YouTube is actively pushing out content on its YouTube Gaming Twitter account, and so keep refreshing because more stuff keeps appearing. At this point there are several pictures, including the ones you see above and below. Says one tweet, "Hang out with your favorite YouTube Creators in our new Live system, featuring improved chat latency and moderation." Related screenshot:

Content on YouTube Gaming can be viewed by Games, Feeds, and Channels. Says YouTube, "Good shelf organization and naming will create a killer channel in the YouTube Gaming App." More tidbits of details are dropping at this moment.

This is the maker's new "user experience", which is said to put "games front and center, including live gaming."

As for the Top Trending Games chart, it uses data to pick out what the company thinks you should be playing, not what is just popular at the moment. It has already detailed the top games for May, and says it will be revealing the top trending games for June on its Trends blog later this month.