YouTube gets smart blurring tool that follows your subject

Sometimes when you're shooting a video, there are background objects or people that you don't necessarily want to show. If you notice this during shooting, you might be able to frame your shot to exclude such things, but that isn't always possible. This means that later on in post, you'll need to blur it out. But now YouTube is going to make that process a bit easier for you.

YouTube actually released a blurring feature for uploaded videos back in 2012. This feature would automatically blur all of the faces in your video for you. This was nice, but faces aren't the only thing that you want to blur. So today, they're launching their new Custom Blurring tool.

With this tool, you can use their editor to draw a rectangle over the object you want blurred. Not only will it blur that area, but it will follow whatever the object is. You don't have to mess with going frame-by-frame to blur something, or using complex editing software. Just open up the editor, and select Custom Blurring from the Blurring Effects tab and get started.

You'll be able to control the size of the box you're using to blur, change where it moves, and when it starts and stops being used. Once you're finished making your edits, you can choose to save the video as it is, or save a separate copy with the blurring in place, leaving an uncensored version for you, as well.

Source: YouTube