YouTube bans most gun-related DIY video tutorials

YouTube is increasing its push against videos featuring firearms, updating its policy to ban DIY gun-related videos that instruct users on things related to creating ammunition, suppressors and silencers, firearms, and more. The company also now prohibits videos that are used to sell guns or select accessories for them, as well as videos with links to website selling the items.

The new policies have been listed on Google's Support website for YouTube, where it explains that it no longer allows videos that intend "to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales," with direct sales meaning things like someone conducting private sales. The select prohibited accessories include items that create automatic firing weapons, such as bump stocks and gatling triggers.

Banned accessories also include items that can simulate auto-fire, plus high-capacity magazines, though they don't necessarily encompass the full range of prohibited accessories. Perhaps more restrictive for many gun enthusiasts, though, is the blanket ban on instructional videos that teach viewers how to make firearms, ammo for them, high-capacity magazines, accessories like the type listed above, and silencers.

Also banned, as previously reported, are videos on creating automatic firing or simulating it. Finally, YouTube now also prohibits any videos that show viewers how to install any of the modifications or prohibited accessories. That covers the majority of gun-related videos created by enthusiasts, leaving alone ones that include things like target shooting.

Many gun-centric YouTubers had their account videos deleted in the past 24-hours, uproar about which can be found on Reddit and firearm forums.

SOURCE: Google