YouTube adds Split View and Slide Over to iPad app

The YouTube for iOS app has been updated with a couple of new features for iPads: Split View and Slide Over. This brings the app up to version 11.10 on Apple's products, and makes the offering a touch more convenient for iPad owners, though a certain much-requested feature is still noticeably absent — the update does not bring picture-in-picture support, the reasons for which is unclear.

Slide Over and Split View are pretty straight-forward features, with the first of the two allowing users to swipe in a second app from the display's right side (eg, they're sliding it over). The Split View feature, meanwhile, is about as close as it seems users are going to get to picture-in-picture, enabling users to split the screen down the middle and run two apps at once.

With this update, YouTube for iOS is one of the apps that can be run in Spilt View. The update comes shortly after Apple's newest iPad Pro announcement, and is the second iOS update in recent weeks. Surprisingly, there's still no picture-in-picture support, which would enable users to have a YouTube video play in a small window while they use some other app.

The update does bring a couple other changes. Says YouTube, with version 11.10 the home tabs have been moved over into the navigation bar for when an iPad is being held in landscape orientation. As well, a bug fix has been applied that enables URLs in video descriptions to be opened.

VIA: Apple Insider