Your Titanium Apple Card might need a screen protector

The Apple Card is revolutionary in many senses. Unlike its rivals in the tech market, Apple has jumped in fully to become almost a financial institution itself. But also unlike most in the credit card market, its focus on privacy and simplicity is reflected in the card's nondescript exterior. That plain white design, however, may have come at the price of longevity and reliability, requiring a lot of care to keep it looking pristine and clean.

The Apple Card is a strong one, being made out of titanium. But titanium, by nature, isn't clean and white. To achieve that signature Apple look, the company employed a "multi-layer coating process" on top of the titanium card itself. And that is both the card's strength as well as its weakness.

Coming into contact with certain hard materials can scratch or damage that white coating. Those materials include coins and keys, a.k.a. objects you'd find in bags and pockets. Other materials will also stain the card, materials like leather and denim, which are what many jeans and wallets are made of.

In other words, the Apple Card is very sensitive and not just to magnets that could scramble its magnetic strip. It's not even recommended to store it alongside other regular credit cards that could scratch the premium-looking titanium card.

Apple's documentation is almost very specific about the care of Apple Card and, if it were a phone screen, you'd almost put a screen protector on it. It's not certain whether such a material would affect the card's performance but you can be sure that accessories and cases for the titanium Apple Card will now popup left and right offering protection for the tough yet also fragile card.