Your iPhone has a hidden keyboard inside

There's a keyboard hiding inside the iPhone 7, and 6S, and quite a few other iPhones that've been released over the past few years. This keyboard appears only when a unique combination of elements is accessed. A developer of apps by the name of Steve Troughton-Smith made this feature known to the public this week, and today we're going to tell you why only some users will have access.

This keyboard, according to Troughton-Smith, has been attached to Apple's iPhone since back in 2014. That's when iOS 8 was first revealed and released, and that's when Apple first implemented the one-handed keyboard. That was also right around the time the smaller iPhone was going out of vogue.

UPDATE: Twitter is having some issues displaying the Tweets above. Stand by for an update with the video posted separately. UPDATE 2: Have a peek at the video below, originally posted by Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith).

Back when the iPhone was first revealed, it was made for one-handed use. It was clear that the golden rectangle was made for the first wave of smartphone users. Those users were acclimated to using all manner of phones with one hand.

But once a few waves of much larger phones were released by non-Apple brands, Apple gave in. They made themselves a slightly larger iPhone. Then they made a much larger iPhone with the iPhone 6 Plus, and the rest is history.

But what about that keyboard, and why didn't they ever release that keyboard to the general public? Of that we cannot be entirely sure. For now, we'll have to try out some 3rd-party solutions if we want to get tiny like this.