Your Facebook Messenger is about to look different: Here's why

Facebook Messenger has been going through some big changes lately, and now it looks like Facebook is going to cap things off by giving the app a new look. This redesign of sorts is shipping out beginning today, and though it's somewhat basic, Facebook says that it represents a "shift to the future of messaging" that's more dynamic and integrated.

That last part about integration is key, because this redesign comes as Facebook is in the process of rolling out cross-app messaging between Messenger and Instagram. In a trailer published to the Messenger website today, Facebook touches on that integration, along with other features that have recently rolled out including Watch Together, which allows you to watch videos, movies, and Facebook shows with friends in a Messenger chat.

That trailer also gives us a look at the components of this redesign. For starters, Messenger is getting a new multi-color logo. There's also a new default chat color and new chat themes such as "Love" and "Tie-dye." Messenger users can also post custom reactions to friends' messages as part of this redesign, so you're no longer limited to the default slate of seven reactions that we're used to seeing in Messenger.

The trailer even offers glimpse at animated selfie stickers, which are an upcoming feature for the app. Another upcoming feature that we don't get a look at is vanish mode, which will delete the messages you send when you close the chat they were posted to.

So, it's a big day for Messenger with its new look. We're already seeing this redesigned Messenger on iOS, so if you're a Messenger user, download the update and explore some of the changes Facebook has made.