You'll be sleeping with the fishes in Airbnb's underwater bedroom

Actually, you'll be sleeping with very large, very dangerous fishes. And while an underwater bedroom might sound scenic and lovely, unless you're hydrophobic, this one might not let you sleep in peace. That's because Airbnb's first ever underwater bedroom located in sweet, romantic Paris is actually a modified Shark Tank of the Aquarium de Paris. Don't worry, it's not a regular lodging, though listed in Airbnb. It is part of the Aquarium's marketing stunt that will reward chosen contestant with a sleepover they won't easily forget.

The cylindrical shark tank is submerged in water an aquarium containing 35 sharks. While these majestic aquatic creatures have earned a bad rap thanks to Hollywood, there's still no denying the fact that they can instill fear in most people. Now imagine having to sleep with these predators, with only a 360 degree transparent wall between you. Whether for sheer fear or excitement, you will unlikely fall asleep in this cage, er, bedroom.

That's why not just anyone can book a night at the Shark Tank. Interested contestants must be 18 years old and above, be medically fit, and, "for safety reasons", must not exceed 190 kg or 418 lbs in weight. They also have to submit an essay explaining why they should be chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Three lucky winners will be chosen and they and their guests will have that magical chance to spend a night with the sharks. The bedroom can accommodate only two at a time, making for a rather romantic setting. That is, if you consider 35 sharks swimming around you romantic.

It won't be a normal kind of sleepover either. As part of the Aquarium's program, guests will also be treated to a tour of the facilities and a lecture on sharks and why they're often misunderstood. Hosting the tour will be renowned freediver and underwater photographer Fred Buyle, who will also be introducing you personally to each of the 35 sharks as you settle in your bedroom. Like you, he will also be underwater. The difference is that he will be staying, at least for a while, on the other side of the wall.

Deadline for submission is on April 3 while the sleepovers will take place on April 11 to 13.

SOURCE: Airbnb

VIA: Business Insider