You'll be able to stream Disney's Jungle Cruise the day it hits theaters

Jungle Cruise, the Disney movie that was extensively delayed by the pandemic, will finally hit theaters this summer. With the vaccine widely available in the US and the CDC giving the green light for vaccinated people to ditch their masks, it's likely many people will head to their local cinema to watch the film. For those who aren't comfortable doing that, however, Disney will also have a streaming option.

Disney+ subscribers will be able to access and stream Jungle Cruise the same day it hits theaters, though as with other hybrid launches before it, you'll have to pay extra to stream the show at release. We've seen the same hybrid launch with the live-action Mulan movie, as well as Raya and the Last Dragon and select others.

Jungle Cruise will be released as a Disney+ Premier Access movie on July 30, the same day it arrives in theaters. Premier Access means that Disney+ subscribers will have the option of paying to stream the show before it becomes widely available on the streaming service.

The Premier Access price remains at $29.99, but isn't a rental — the movie remains available to stream for the duration of the user's subscription. Disney+ currently has three movies available under its Premier Access option: Raya and the Last Dragon, Cruella, and Black Widow. The last two can't be streamed yet, however.

Users in the US and Canada can now preorder Cruella ahead of its May 28 Premier Access release. Black Widow, meanwhile, will arrive under Premier Access on July 9th, but Disney hasn't yet said when the preorder will start. Jungle Cruise isn't yet listed on the Premier Access website.