YouEye: Simple Online Solution For Eye-Tracking, User-Testing

Rue Liu - Feb 23, 2011
YouEye: Simple Online Solution For Eye-Tracking, User-Testing

For web designers, being able to track users’ eye movements and behavior while looking through a web page is very helpful for determining which parts of the layout attract attention and which don’t. But to do this can be difficult and may require special equipment that could be expensive. A startup company just announced today at LAUNCH a new web-based solution called “YouEye” to simplify this process.

YouEye is a web-based solution that utilizes regular webcams therefore replacing the need for complex eye-tracking cameras and making it easier to recruit testers since they will not require any specialized equipment. The web-based service also makes it easy to setup eye-tracking tests, collect data, and share your results. And not only do they track eye-movements, but mouse activity and audio can also be recorded and analyzed.

The service uses a subscription model based on the number of tests and testers. Currently they are offering beta invites. You can also sign up to become a paid tester.

[via Read Write Web]

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