You still have time to see the super Hunter's Moon tonight

Halloween is nearly upon us, and coming just ahead of it will be a bright full moon dubbed the "Hunter's Moon." Why? Because winter's coming, and if you were having to hunt for sustenance, tonight's extra brightness would be a good time to do so. While you probably won't be heading out to the woods on a midnight hunt tonight, you do still have time to prepare for a chilly session under the stars, enjoying the view.

According to The Weather Channel, those in the Northern Hemisphere should head outside once it's fully dark to get a look at the Hunter's Moon. The moon made its full appearance starting on Monday, and will start to wane tonight, giving you enough time to get outside and look. Even better, 2015's Hunter's Moon also happens to be a supermoon.

Being a supermoon means the moon will appear larger than it typically does — about 14-percent larger, to be precise. It'll also seem to be a little brighter than common, and it might even have an orange tinge, though it won't be quite the same shade as the recent and more popular super blood moon.

The Hunter's Moon happens every year, so if it's cloudy out where you are, don't fret; you may get a shot at seeing it next year. If it's clear out where you're at, though, and you're in the right region, take a peek outside.