You might not get a PS5 for Christmas but at least you can watch this hardware trailer

By now, many of you know just how difficult it is to find a PlayStation 5. The console is in very short supply at the moment, and while that's common for a new console in its first holiday season (especially a new console launching right before the holiday shopping season begins), the COVID-19 pandemic is only making matters worse by limiting the ways in which people can buy and probably also having some kind of negative impact on manufacturing and distribution.

The PlayStation 5 is likely going to be hard to find for some time to come, as it could be months until available stock catches up with demand. While we wait for that to happen, however, Sony is apparently happy to keep the PS5 hardware trailers coming. The latest was very recently published, and you can check it out below.

The hardware trailer clocks in at a minute on the nose, which suggests that it'll be used for some kind of advertising somewhere. Despite the fact that the trailer is only a few days old, it feels like something we'd see in the lead up to launch. In fact, this could have easily replaced the video Sony used for the reveal of the PlayStation 5 – it even shares the same music with the PS5 reveal video from June.

That isn't the only similarity between this hardware trailer and the PS5 reveal we saw over the summer. This trailer also gives us a run down of Sony's first-party accessories for the PlayStation 5, including the DualSense controller, the DualSense charging cradle, the PULSE 3D headset, the PS5's media remote, and the HD camera.

In fact, the trailer spends surprisingly little time showing off the console itself, so perhaps this is a reminder to all twelve PS5 owners out there that there are a number of accessories available? In any case, check out the trailer embedded above, and if you're trying to get a console for yourself, have a look at our guide on how to beat the bots and scalpers.