You Groggle That? Wait, Google? So Drunk.

Google got in a fight recently (I feel sometimes like I should only report when Google ISNT in a fight) with drinking site Groggle, aka basically what you'd probably say if you had too much to drink and had to search for a way to stay warm for the night. Actually the site (now called Drinkle) specializes in finding the best prices on alcohol in your area. But Google was not amused. Not that Groggle tried to infringe on the internet giant's name, but... well it did.

Google objected to the Australian drinking site's application for trademark when they prepared to launch their site in April of this year. Now, after 6 months of bitter furious battle, Google wins the knockout. Now Groggle is called Drinkle, sounding like what happens when you drink too much and aren't able to use Google fast enough to find a local bathroom. Groggle (Drinkle) announced that they were going to forge ahead in the face of this setback, "celebrat[ing] by drinking Australia's most [expensive] bottle of beer." That beer would be Crown Ambassador 2010 Reserve, at $90 converted USD. Yummy!

[Via WSJ's Digits]