How to disable apps in Android on the Galaxy S8

Samsung has traditionally been chided for its bloated spin of Android, from the TouchWiz user experience to the services running underneath. Part of that, particularly TouchWiz, has been addressed in each new flagship, but Samsung still seems to have a thing for background services. Not all of those services will be interest to users who don't use related functionality, and those end up unnecessarily using resources, though little. For those who want to "debloat" their Galaxy S8, more adventurous users have taken the journey to provide the general populace a usable list of services they can halt to make their smartphones a bit snappier.

A few words of warning are in order. Without in-depth knowledge of the Galaxy S8's inner workings, the list below was compiled by users with a trial and error method. Some of those services might end up being critical to a feature you're actually interested in. In other words, proceed with caution and a dose of sensibility.

Much of the services in the lists are Samsung-specific anyway, Samsung Knox or Bixby. Many have alternatives available, like Mail, Browser, Contacts, etc. There are those that may not look consequential but are actually necessary for much bigger functionality. For example, the Google Quick Search Box service is actually needed for voice dictation or using the Google search app itself.

To be clear, these services are only frozen or disabled, not uninstalled. Most of them are baked into the firmware and can't be uninstalled anyway. So if you're looking for ways to free up space by uninstalling bloatware, this isn't the list for you.

Manually freezing dozens of services is a taxing job. Fortunately, the authors of these lists provide them in an XML file format that you can then import into the BK Package Disabler app. This $1.49 utility doesn't need root access to function so you won't be voiding warranties. Just be really sure you're up to the challenge of diagnosing what could have gone wrong if things go a bit south.

VIA: XDA (1), (2)

Download: BK Package Disable from Google Play Store