YOTO PMP has distinct style and low price

Unlike the Microsoft definition of MVP, this YOTO PMP – the MVP-800 – could easily stand for "Muchos Value Player".  Well, it could if it wasn't Chinese, as I don't think they used "muchos" in the Far East.  Anyway, the equivalent of $52 gets you a slickly designed 2GB PMP with a luxurious 2.8-inch QVGA screen and TransFlash memory expansion slot.


Despite the low-price it's not short on features.  AVI XviD, WMA and MP3 formats are supported, as are JPEG images, all making the most of that 320 x 240 display.  There's also an eBook reader and eight different equaliser presets in there, packed into a casing just 98 x 55 x 9mm.  Files are loaded via a USB 2.0 port, and it's capable of multi-tasking so you can be reading a book while listening to some vintage ABBA.

Available in two versions, 2GB and 4GB, each can be expanded by up to 2GB of TransFlash memory.  Whether we'll ever see it outside of China is another matter entirely.

via PMPtoday