YotaPhone to be made in Singapore, launching later this year

We first heard about the YotaPhone back in December, and to say the least, we were pretty intrigued by its unique design. The company has finally announced that they have found a manufacturer in Singapore and are now planning to officially launch the phone sometime during the second half of this year.

While the folks behind the YotaPhone are based in Russia, the phone will actually be manufactured in Singapore by Hi-P International. They're not as well-known as, say, Foxconn, but they've built products for top companies in the past, including Apple, BlackBerry, and Amazon (their e-readers, specifically).

The Russian company will also be opening up a research and development center in Singapore to not only stay within close quarters of the phone's manufacturer, but to also help research "subsequent generations of YotaPhone," which means that we'll see updates to the YotaPhone every 1 to 2 years or so.

We got our hands on on the YotaPhone last month during CES, and we really liked it to say the least. It's definitely a weird concept, and certainly something you don't see every day, but we really liked its solid build. It has two 4.3-inch displays, one of which is a normal LCD screen and the other, which is a constantly-on e-ink display to show information without eating up the battery.

[via Engadget]