YotaPhone international launch set for December

A Russian company called Yota Devices has been teasing us with a dual screen smartphone for a while. In fact, we spent some hands on time with the device back in January of this year. The company announced in February that the YotaPhone would be coming this year.

That was as close as we had for a launch date for the smartphone until now. Reports have now surfaced indicating that the YotaPhone will launch in December. We don't have a specific day in December, but it is tipped to launch before Christmas.

Id' wager Yota Devices wants the YotaPhone on the market as early in December as possible to take advantage of the Christmas shopping season. If you have missed our coverage of this smartphone in the past, its most unique feature is that it has two screens. One of the screens is a normal LCD.

The other is an e-ink display. The screens are located on opposite sides of the phone. Both measure 4.3-inches. The idea here is that when users just need to read text, and color doesn't matter, they can use the power sipping e-ink screen. When they need to look at photos and video or use apps, the normal LCD is available. The smartphone will run a dual-core 1.7GHz processor and the main screen will support 720p content.

SOURCE: Android Community