Yokai Watch 2 is coming to the US, and it's bringing lots of toys

After the huge success in Japan, Yokai Watch made its debut to Western gamers this past November, nearly two years after the game's original Japanese release. While the franchise's reception hasn't been as extraordinary as its rival, Pokemon, the games and television show seems to have made enough bank to continue the line with Yokai Watch 2. The release of the second game was really when the series began to take Japan by storm, so hopefully the same can be said about the US market.

The game revolves around a young boy who stumbles across a gachapon machine (vending machine) in the middle of the woods while hunting for beetles with his friends. The machine releases a helpful yokai and a watch so that he may find other yokai and solve their problems. The yokai battle each other and may be collected, similar to the Pokemon franchise.

The original game sparked a successful anime series and loads of merchandise and this game will be no different. Hasbro has picked up the licensing for a toy line featuring replicas of the watches used within the game, along with discs that may be inserted inside the watch in order to summon yokai. The watch will react to each disc differently, depending on which one is inserted.

Yokai Watch 2 is planned to be released September 30th in North America and will follow the Japanese version's footsteps by being split into two different versions: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. Though there was a third version available in Japan, it may not see a release in America for a while longer. For a sneak preview of the new yokai featured in the game, you can play the mobile game Yokai Watch Wibbly Wobbly, where several of the new characters are featured as well.

Source: Nintendo