Yo-Yo Powered MP3 Player Requires No Batteries

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 30, 2006
Yo-Yo Powered MP3 Player Requires No Batteries

Look ma’ no batteries required for my Yo-Yo MP3 player!  Well, actually not so soon, because this is still very much theoretical, and production units are still a ways off.  Chris Aimone and Tomek Bartczak are the brains behind the Yo-Yo powered MP3 player.  This is how it works conceptually: slap a rotor, some electromagnetic coils, permanent magnet together, combined with a firmware, a flashdrive, a circular lithium ion battery, a wireless broadcaster, along with a transparent LCD, and you’ve got the most ass kicking MP3 player on the planet!  This idea is so darn good that it won the Pop Sci and Core77 award for best human powered design.

Yo Yo Powered MP3 Player [via ecogeek.org]

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