Yill is a green rolling office with its own power

Shane McGlaun - Feb 28, 2011
Yill is a green rolling office with its own power

If you are the busy filed worker sort that needs to be able to work wherever you might be power is probably your biggest issue. Your computer and other gear need power to operate and many devices last only a few hours on a charge before you need to plug in.

A new cordless energy storage device has been unveiled by designer Werner Aisslinger called the yill. The yill looks sort of like a rolling round carry-on suitcase with a handle. The round outer edges act like wheels when the user pulls it along. Inside the device is no space for clothing, just space for batteries.

The yill can provide up to 300W of electricity using lithium titanium batteries. The batteries inside can be charged in a few ways. A solar panel on the yill can charge the batteries and they can be charged by plugging the device into a power outlet. At this point, the yill is a design concept and it will be shown off during Milan Design Week in April.

Via Designboom

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