Yidsun BlueBoom Bluetooth speakers look plain, in a good way

Yidsun has released 4 new speakers that are all Bluetooth powered. Some of the models have subwoofers, some don't, but they all have at least two speakers and then pause/play, next, and previous controls.

Some of the models are even designed for use with Apple's line of products, meaning your iPod. The 4 models are the SPK-798, SPK-798i, SPK-799i, and the SPK-799, the 798 has 50 watts of power and has a subwoofer, the two "i" models have the iPod connections and also serve as docks for those products.

Of course all of them can have their audio input supplied by your favorite A2DP Bluetooth profile rockin' gadget including your mobile phone or one of Samsung's many MP3 players. The cost largely depends on the model, it ranges from $100-$180, and if I had to guess the 798 is at the bottom with the 799i being at the top.

[via intomobile]