Yeti recalls popular magnetic 'Stronghold' travel mugs over burn risk

If you own a Yeti travel mug, you'll want to pay attention to a new recall posted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Yeti, a company known for its outdoor gear and vacuum-insulated drinkware, has recalled 15,000 of its Rambler Travel Mugs with Stronghold lids due to a potential issue that may cause burns.

Yeti sells a number of insulated drinkware that feature what it calls a Stronghold lid with a MagSlider slider. This lid features a closure element that uses a magnet to stay firmly in place — though it was never designed to be leakproof, it does prevent hot liquid from spilling when the mug is bumped and it is easier to open with one hand compared to many types of closures.

According to the CPSC, Yeti has recalled thousands of its Rambler 20oz Travel Mugs featuring the Stronghold lids. The recall was issued on November 4 and is due to an issue with the magnet slider that may 'eject,' allowing hot liquid to spill out.

Quite obviously, having hot coffee or other liquids spilled on you can cause burns, not to mention the potential for the liquid spilling out somewhere damaging, such as on a car infotainment panel. Yeti is offering mug owners refunds for the recalled units.

The mugs were sold in multiple color options, each with their own SKU but with the same date code: 34204010. Consumers can determine whether their mug is included in their recall by looking for this date code on the bottom of the travel mug. If that has worn off from use, you can instead find the SKU on its packaging slip or product receipt, depending on how it was purchased.

Consumers can find the return form on Yeti's website here.

Update: Yeti has clarified that the CPSC's 'unit' number refers to how many of these travel mugs were produced; only 15,000 were sold and are impacted by this recall.