Yelp says iOS update gives it more prominence

Mark Raby - Mar 20, 2012, 10:10 pm CDT
Yelp says iOS update gives it more prominence

Yelp claims that Apple’s most recent mobile software update has increased the level of connectivity it has with the iPhone 4S Siri voice recognition platform. In addition to integrating more information from Yelp in Siri results, the personal assistant now guides users directly to the iPhone Yelp app for even more detailed data on the location in question. It’s expected to be a boon to Yelp after it just declared its initial public offering.

Yelp has been a part of Siri since the voice service launched. If users asked a question like, “Where’s a good pizza place around here?” Siri would scour Yelp to find the most appropriate location. Now, though, users can tap on that result to be directed through to get information on hours of operation, read customer reviews, and get directions. Aggregated review information – the place’s Yelp star rating – appears within Siri.

Yelp is looking for little boosts wherever it can get them. The site became a publicly traded company earlier this year, and has already experienced a roller coaster ride on the stock market. It has become the #1 destination for users looking to find local businesses and get accurate information about it, including not only user reviews and technical details, but also user-submitted photos, dress code information, and prices that users can expect to pay.

[via VentureBeat]

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