Yelp now has a PokeStop filter because why not

Pokemon GO fever is still high, and people are scrambling to find new places to explore. If you're taking a break for lunch but don't want to pause your gameplay, Yelp has a helpful new tool: a "PokeStop Nearby" filter for seeing results that, you have, are near a PokeStop. Toggle the filter option on and you'll only see those restaurants (or whatever destination you search for) where you're a hop and skip away from fertile land.

Yelp, in the event you live under a rock and haven't used it before, is a service for finding places near you — stores, restaurants, you name it. Users are given a bunch of filtering options to narrow down the results to only the places they're interested in. In an effort to get more people using its service, Yelp is targeting Pokemon GO players.

The company is asking its users to help it find businesses that are close to a PokeStop by checking in at the location and noting that its a good place to find Pokemon. According to the company, gamers have already surfaced "thousands" of places near PokeStops in the past day, and it expects a lot more places will be added in the coming days and weeks.

If you're a Yelp user, you'll see the new filter option in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It is available on both the iOS and the Android app, as well as the desktop website. Check out the timeline below for more Pokemon GO news!

SOURCE: Yelp Blog