Yelp for iOS updates with improved iPad business page, social features

Yelp updated its iOS app to even version 6.5, and it comes with a healthy amount of new features that users should enjoy. For starters, the business page on the iPad is streamlined with easier and quicker access to business hours, menu items, and phone numbers. The new update also makes the Yelp's search more social by showing which of your friends are checked in to businesses right from the search results page.

Business pages on the iPad also focus more on photos. Previously, only a few photos were visible on business pages, but now, even more show up on the page, giving users a better idea of the business's atmosphere and environment. Plus, you can quickly browse through the photos using the new carousel view.

The updated app also now indicates if a business will be closing soon or if it's just about to open, which is a nifty feature to have if you're searching for a place either late at night or early in the morning. Yelp says that "getting to a restaurant just after closing is a major bummer," so they're looking to solve that issue with this new feature.

And of course, the update comes with "a TON of bug fixes and enhancements," including showing your review first in the reviews list of a business, supporting updated reviews on iPad, the ability to swipe photos on a business page, as well as "huge speed improvements" on the iPhone 5. Yelp is a free download and the update is available now in the iTunes App Store.