Ye-T Warmpad uses a laptop charger to warm your feet

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 20, 2016
Ye-T Warmpad uses a laptop charger to warm your feet

Though winter was unusually warm for many late last year, the cold weather has finally caught up and many have faced single-digit temperatures in recent days. When it’s that cold outside, everything feels cold all the time — especially your feet when they’re trapped under a desk with little air flow. Enter the Ye-T Warmpad, a mostly passive device that uses your existing laptop charger to keep your feet toasty.

The Ye-T Warmpad is a pretty simple device consisting of a pair of aluminum plates that slip into a padded cotton cover. The bottom of Warmpad features a pair of straps in which a laptop charger is placed. When the laptop is in use, the charger will naturally get warm and as it does it will warm the aluminum plates.

The owner keeps their feet on the upper padded part and enjoys the passive warmth. When not in use, the cotton cover can be removed and washed, and the entire unit folds up for storage or transportation. Two models are available, one for Mac chargers and one for PC chargers.

Warmpad’s creator is seeking about $27,000 in funding on Kickstarter, where things are just getting underway with $600 in pledges and 58 days remaining. Those interested can get the Warmpad for 49 Euro/$53 USD, with shipping being estimated to start this upcoming July.

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