Yaskawa Industrial robots have lightsaber duel

There are some things in the geek world that you can't combine without having issues, like Batman and Jim Carrey for instance. There are other things that you can combine to form something that geeks will gravitate too like light to a black hole. Robots and lightsabers are one of the things that geeks will gravitate too. What you see here is an industrial robot recreation of one of the few redeeming qualities to the first of the new Star Wars flicks.

The fight between the Jedi and the red and black spiky dude was epic. One of these Yaskawa industrial robots is wielding the traditional Jedi lightsaber and the other has the dual sided staff-style that the pointy Sith used. I don't think you need a good reason at all to have robots fighting with lightsabers, but this does show off just how dexterous and agile these bots are.

The robots are from the Yaskawa Motoman industrial line. They look like the sort of bots you would see on a car assembly line. The fight starts slow and boring and then things speed up and it's actually pretty cool. Check out the video below for yourself to see the battle between Darth Roboticus and Master Indu Robo.

[via Akihabara News]