Yamaha YAS-109 and YAS-209 TV sound bars have Alexa built-in

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 17, 2019, 7:07pm CDT
Yamaha YAS-109 and YAS-209 TV sound bars have Alexa built-in

Yamaha has introduced two new home sound bars, the YAS-109 and YAS-209. Both models feature native Alexa voice control, enabling users to directly access Amazon’s voice assistant and its various control functions. In addition, both new models pack wireless connectivity, support for various music streaming services, a discreet design, and more.

The big feature with Yahama’s new YAS- 209 and 109 sound bars is the built-in Alexa functionality, bringing the personal assistant to one’s home theater without resorting to an Echo. With Alexa, sound bar owners can adjust the volume using their voice, mute the speaker, power the bar off, and stream audio from music services supported by Alexa. The speakers also support Spotify Connect and Amazon Music.

Yamaha promises ‘immersive experiences’ from both sound bars, which are built to fit discreetly in one’s overall entertainment setup. Both sound bars are ultra-slim, enabling them to be placed in front of a television; they can also be mounted on a wall without using an additional bracket, according to the company.

Obviously given the built-in Alexa functionality, both of the new sound bar models have integrated microphones. Yamaha says it collaborated with Amazon on implementing the ‘preferred method’ for microphones, emphasizing quality and placement.

Both models feature DTS Digital Surround decoding, DTS Virtual:X for immersive audio, Dolby Digital, and virtual 3D surround sound. Yamaha says its sound bars offer a ‘life-like’ 3D sound field that covers the user in sound from both above and around. The maker’s Clear Voice tech ensures dialogue is audible, as well.

As the model numbers indicate, there are differences between the two bars: the YAS-109 has built-in subwoofers where as the YAS-209 has a separate wireless subwoofer for more ‘expressive bass’ and placement options. The YAS-109 will retail for $239.95 USD and the YAS-209 for $349.95 USD; both will hit shelves in July.

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