Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard digitizes human words in real time

Chris Burns - Mar 21, 2012
Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard digitizes human words in real time

It’s a strange advancement in the way we work with music when we take the human language and compile it into a computer, only then to re-play it in the order we wish: Yamaha wants to take this process an extra step into the future with the Vocaloid Keyboard. Using the already in place Vocaloid library of digitized voices, Yamaha has created a keyboard which uses two sets of keys, one of them setting up the human vocal cues, the other a traditional keyboard setup which pushes the human voice out depending on the notes the user has chosen. The result has the potential to be really magical.

This keyboard allows those who use the Vocaloid software to give real live performances of songs using that library. The software already exists on the PC, now Yamaha has turned the process into a realtime exercise. The keyboard itself is not set to be manufactured commercially just yet, but the manufacturer has expressed that they would consider such a thing if enough users proclaimed their want of a real unit. Have a peek at this hands-on video by DigInfo.tv, courtesy of Akihabara News:

Look like a system you’d be able to work with? Let us know how apt you’d be to give a live performance of digitized speech with a keyboard such as this. We estimate many would rather just go ahead and sing.

[via Akihabara News]

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