Yamaha Civante Class 3 e-Bike revealed with speeds up to 28mph

The Yamaha Civante is the first Class 3 power assist bicycle Yamaha's released in the United States marketplace. The Yamaha Civante works with a 10-speed Shimano drive train for top-notch versatility and a design that's aimed at ergonomics from top to bottom. In this bike is a PWSeries SE motor and Yamaha's own Triple Sensor System for "the most natural-feeling bike ride, even at top speeds."

This is not a starter electric bike – it rolls. If you're blasting out at full speed, you'll get pedal assist up to 28 miles per hour. The Yamaha Civante works with what Yamaha describes as ergonomic drop handle bars, mid-depth aerodynamic wheels, and Yamaha's unique aluminum frame and fork.

The frame and fork provide integrated housing for cables – meaning you've got a truly smooth-looking bike from front to back. If you're the sort of person that likes to have access to all your cables at all times, you'll still be able to take the machine apart – but this is no fixie. This is the sort of bike you buy to ride right out the box.

The PWSeries SE motor works with four levels of "smooth power assist", and the bike provides up to 70Nm of max torque, with cadence support up to 100 rpm. There's an LCD display on the bike that works with its own software system to show diagnostics, a clock, battery level, an odometer, speedometer, trip meter, assist modes, a stopwatch, and more. All of this is connected to your phone (if you wish) with Bluetooth.

Inside you'll find a 500-watt-hour Lithium-ion battery pack with the ability to charge either on or off the bike. This bike comes with Yamaha's "high-speed charger" that'll charge the battery from 0-80% in approximately one hour.

There's an LED front headlight, "prewiring for Yamaha's rear rack" that could include an integrated taillight, and both rack and fender kit mounts. The handlebar design allows for adjustments for multiple riding positions, and "extra padding wrapped in cork bar tape" is included for vibration damping comfort.

"The Civante will introduce a new group of riders to Yamaha's legendary quality, comfort and performance and increases and diversifies our retail options. The Civante looks great, feels smooth and comfortable, and delivers the cutting-edge handling dynamics and seamless integration of assist technology that Yamaha does better than anyone else," said Yamaha's Power Assist Bicycle group sales and marketing manager, Drew Engelmann.

FUN FACT: Yamaha launched "the world's first electrically power assisted bicycle" in the year 1993. They've been manufacturing e-Bikes (from frame to motor) for a full 27 years.

The Yamaha Civante Class 3 e-Bike has a release date of July, 2020. According to Yamaha, this bike should "begin arriving in dealers this month" with a price of approximately $3,400 USD (MSRP).