Yamaha 05GEN and 06GEN concepts aim to travel short distances

Yamaha has unveiled a pair of new concept vehicles called the 05GEN and 06GEN concepts. Neither of these are concepts for vehicles meant to take you to the next city over, rather both are intended to be mobility concepts that take you over short distances. Think from your home to the grocery store a few miles down the road. Yamaha says that both concepts are designed to move in a more leisurely fashion, which presumably means slowly.

The 05GEN is a three-wheel mobility vehicle that has electric assist technology inside. The front two wheels lean and it has pedals like a bicycle. The strange roof design helps protect riders from the elements while providing an open feel. Yamaha says that the design was meant to give the impression of a garment lightly draped around the rider's body. The roof design protects from light rain and sunlight while giving the rider the ability to easily interact with people around them.

The 06GEN is a more substantial electric four-wheel mobility vehicle. Yamaha says that the design is meant to make people think of spaces that are neither truly outdoors or indoors such as Japanese "Engawa" veranda. The vehicle has an open design that reminds a lot of a typical golf cart. The seating curves around the right side and back of the vehicle while the driver sits on a small stool behind a traditional steering wheel.

The 06GEN is meant for slow speed travel, but exactly how slow we don't know. Yamaha offers no specifications on either concept. We have no indication of how large the battery pack might be in the 06GEN concept, how fast it goes, or how long it might travel per charge. There are no details offered on the 05GEN either and no indication that either of these concepts are anything more than flights of fancy.

SOURCE: Yamaha