Yahoo's year-end search report sees iPhone 5 near top

Now that we've officially entered December, 2012 is beginning to wind down. Since we'll soon be saying hello to 2013, it's time once again for those interesting year-end list that give us all sorts of statistics from the last 12 months. Today one of those lists is coming from Yahoo, breaking down its 10 most popular search terms for the year.

Only one gadget graces that top 10 list: the iPhone 5. Apple's latest iPhone managed to secure the number two spot on the list, ranking behind the 2012 US election but above the likes of Kim Kardashian, who somehow was number three on the list. The iPhone 5 also ranked above Kate Upton, Kate Middleton, the Olympics, and Lindsay Lohan, so take that as you will.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5 took the top spot in Yahoo's list of top 5 most searched gadgets according to The Los Angeles Times. The third-generation iPad came in second, while the iPad mini managed to slide into a third place ranking. It wasn't just Apple products in the top five though, as the Samsung Galaxy S III and Amazon Kindle Fire rounded out the group.

Not bad a phone that's only been available since September. Of course, with all of the rumors that were making the rounds before Apple finally unveiled the phone, it isn't all that surprising to see it rank so high on Yahoo's year-end list. Be sure to have a look at our story timeline below for more on the iPhone 5!