Yahoo updates image search with Flickr results

Yahoo has updated its image search engine to include images from Flickr, its image-hosting website. You'll have to be logged into your Yahoo account, which will pull up personalized Flickr results when searching for an image on Yahoo. This will include some of your own images on Flickr, and images from other people, such as users you follow and top photos on the image service.

The images from Flickr will be alongside image results from the Web. Says Yahoo, it will only include Flickr images from your own Flickr account if you have some that are relevant to your search results.

In addition, Yahoo's image search includes a "More images" button that is new; it shows up on the categories of Flickr image results, and shows links to Flickr's own website for more images.

Yahoo's image search has various search options for narrowing down results, like focusing on photos of a specific size or color. These parameters can be applied to the Web image results and the included Flickr image results. In addition, the images can be sorted by specific license types.

The new feature is available only on desktop for U.S. users.

SOURCE: Tumblr