Yahoo To End Logins With Google, Facebook

Many online services allow users to log in using their Facebook or Google account credentials, which is usually a fast way to access a service and simple way to keep your login info straight. Soon, Yahoo services will no longer allow this, and will instead require users to have a Yahoo ID.

The move will force those who use Flickr and similar Yahoo services to adopt a Yahoo ID, a bid to continue building up the company and increase revenues. Says the company, this requirement will let it "offer the best personalized experience to everyone."

The change isn't going to happen in one big instance, however, instead rolling out over time starting with Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick'Em, which is an NCAA-centric service. Those who use this particular Yahoo service had to start logging in with a Yahoo ID as of yesterday.

As customers acclimate to the change and the requirement spreads across all of Yahoo's services, the Google and Facebook buttons will be removed. How long it will take for all of this to happen hasn't been specified, however, and for now the non-Yahoo ID log in options remain in part.

SOURCE: Reuters