Yahoo no longer allows workers to work from home

It looks like Yahoo's homepage isn't the only thing getting a revamp. Yahoo is also gearing up to revamp its entire working structure. In a memo released out to all of the employees who work for Yahoo, working from home will no longer be an option. That's right, those who work full-time from home and those who only work a few days from home will all have to work straight from various Yahoo offices starting in June.

Yahoo's employees will have to relocate to one of Yahoo's facilities, and there is no room for flexibility. In June, all employees must comply or quit. Head of Yahoo's HR, Jackie Reses, stated in the memo, "We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together." While she seemed enthusiastic about building a team environment, her memo did nothing in terms of boosting morale among Yahoo's employees. Most are infuriated because they signed up with Yahoo believing that they had the flexibility to work from home.

Reses also comments on occasions where one has to stay home to wait for the cable guy. She says, "And, for the rest of us who occasionally have to stay home for the cable guy, please use your best judgment in the spirit of collaboration." While still an un-empathetic response, the issue doesn't necessarily revolve on just waiting for the cable guy. Many employees love the convenience that comes with remote work, and its terribly inconvenient to force workers to uproot their entire lives just to comply with their workplace.

Yahoo and Reses believes that when working from home, "speed and quality are often sacrificed", but that's not always the case. Many actually believe that speed and quality are best at any place but the office. This is due the the number of distractions that occur in the offices, such as managers asking to see progress reports, or asking people to stop what they're doing to either work on another project or attend a meeting. Perhaps Reses should watch Jason Fried's TED Talk on the matter to get better insight.

[via AllThingsD]