Yahoo Mail outage blamed on hardware problems

Shane McGlaun - Dec 12, 2013
Yahoo Mail outage blamed on hardware problems

Some Yahoo Mail users have been experiencing outages since Monday night that prevent them from accessing their email. Yahoo is blaming the ongoing outage on what it calls complex issues with its data centers. Yahoo admits that the issues with its data centers have been more difficult to fix than it anticipated.

Some reports indicate that prior to the outages that have been ongoing since Monday night of this week, there were problems with delivering mail since November 25. Yahoo didn’t acknowledge the issues until this week. The web giant says that it is working “around the clock” to solve the email issues.

Yahoo Mail head Jeff Bonforte admitted this week that some users of Yahoo mail are still unable to log in. Bonforte said “a couple thousand users” are unable to access their email accounts. The Yahoo exec did admit that it was struggling to clear email sent between November 25 and December 9.

Bonforte said that Yahoo has hundreds of millions of messages to deliver. He also warned that delivery times could vary for a number of hours. Yahoo believes that it will have the bulk of the messages delivered by this afternoon in the US. Users of Yahoo mail in the UK might not see messages delivered until tomorrow.


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