Yahoo Mail Android Go app released alongside mobile web makeover

Eric Abent - Jun 19, 2018, 11:49am CDT
Yahoo Mail Android Go app released alongside mobile web makeover

Yahoo Mail is making a couple of big changes today. The first involves a redesign that makes Yahoo Mail play nice with mobile web browsers, making it easier to access your email without having to download an app first. Aside from that, Yahoo is also launching a new Android Go version of its Mail app, and it seems that the only major difference is that it cuts back on RAM, data usage, and install size.

Of the two, Yahoo Mail’s new “mobile web experience” is easily the most significant. Essentially, Yahoo tried to bring the browser-based inbox in line with the Yahoo Mail app as much as possible, implementing a bunch of controls found in that app. For instance, when viewing your inbox in your browser, you’ll be able to swipe right on emails to mark them as read, or swipe left to delete them.

You can also customize the look of your inbox with various themes and backgrounds, and navigate through your folders using a sidebar that emulates the one from the app. Other tools you’ll have at your disposal include auto-suggest, an infinitely scrolling inbox, and a quick actions menu that pops up whenever you open a message. Like we said, this is basically a web-based version of the existing Yahoo Mail app, and for further proof of that, you can even create a shortcut on your homescreen that takes you right to your inbox in your browser of choice.

As far as that Android Go release of Yahoo Mail is concerned, you should see very few differences between it and the standard Yahoo Mail app. In its announcement today, Yahoo points out that the original Mail app was already pretty lightweight, which meant that optimizing it for Android Go phones didn’t require any tough decisions about potentially cutting features.

In the end, the Android Go version Yahoo Mail uses less than 50MB of RAM while it’s running and takes up less than 10MB of storage space on your phone. Yahoo didn’t really delve into how much data users can expect to save, but considering email uses a small amount of data in the first place, there probably isn’t much to worry about. If you have a phone using Android Oreo (Go Edition), you can grab the new Yahoo Mail app from the Google Play Store today [download], while those looking to free up some space on their phones can delete the Yahoo Mail app and starting using the browser version instead.

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