Yahoo appoints former AOL exec as new Global Public Privacy head

Yahoo has just appointed Tekedra N. Mawakana as its Deputy General Counsel and Vice President of Global Public Policy. Mawakana used to be the Senior Vice President of Pubic Policy and Deputy General Counsel at AOL, where she worked for around 12 years. At her new position, she will be working together with industry and government agencies to work on global governmental affairs and help develop policy initiatives.

Mawakana has an excellent resume. Before spending 12 years with AOL, she worked as the Senior Corporate Counsel at Startec Global Communications, and before that she worked in the Telecommunications and Intellectual Property group at Steptoe & Johnson in Washington D.C. She is fully prepared for her new position, where she will directing and working together with her new strategy team.

According to The Motley Fool, Mawakana will be working on issues surrounding privacy, intellectual property, business and human rights, high-skilled immigration reform, cyber-security, and much more. In a press release from Yahoo, Mawakana discussed her new position and how she will do her best to represent both Yahoo as well as all of the users who use its services. She says,

"The complexity of technology platforms and the pace of innovation creates unique challenges as governments work to develop smart policies for online and mobile businesses around the world. There is a critical need for public policy engagement, and I look forward to advocating on behalf of Yahoo! and the hundreds of millions of users, advertisers, partners and employees who rely on its platform."

Mawakana isn't the only former AOL exec that Yahoo is looking to bring onto its team. A couple of weeks ago, Ned Brody, a former sales executive for AOL, reportedly received an offer from Yahoo. Sources close to the situation said that Yahoo offered Brody a generous salary, however, things are a bit difficult because Brody is currently under a 12-month non-compete order. However, if Yahoo is able to figure a way around the order, and if Brody accepts the offer, Brody is expected to be an huge addition to Yahoo's team.

[via Motley Fool]