Yahoo and NBC exclusive digital alliance expanded to bring Olympics content

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 16, 2013
Yahoo and NBC exclusive digital alliance expanded to bring Olympics content

Around this time last year, Yahoo and NBC Sports penned a deal that merged content between NBC Sports and Yahoo Sports. According to an announcement made by the latter company today, this so-called digital alliance has been expanded to give Yahoo users access to exclusive digital Sochi Olympics content. Will such a move help make Yahoo relevant again?

Under this digital alliance, Yahoo’s user base will gain access to all of exclusives, of which are things like highlights and some live competition streaming, an Olympics-centric daily show, and, not surprisingly, hocking of some of Yahoo’s products in the NBC broadcasts and digital offerings. This is a first for Yahoo, in terms of Olympics content availability, and seems a bid to draw in users.

Beyond the digital content availability, Yahoo Sports’ various experts will be partnering up with NBC Sports for posting up analytical pieces and news write ups on the 2014 Olympics, which will then be promoted on NBC’s Olympics website in addition to Yahoo’s users. NBC’s broadcasts will have Yahoo’s service like Tumblr and Flickr “integrated” for some large exposure.

The question, then, is whether such a move will inspire former users to reactivate their credentials and non-Yahoo users to sign up for the service. And, beyond that, will such agreements and exclusives make Yahoo relevant again, or will it only serve as a bragging right that, at the end of the day, does little to draw in a faithful user base?

SOURCE: Yahoo! (Tumblr)

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