Yah, Toast!

Abby McVay - Feb 19, 2007
Yah, Toast!

Ever feel the need to rebel against the typical boring kitchen appliances and gadgets? Personally, I love anything that stands out as strange or freakish, especially in my kitchen. This toaster actually burns a skull and crossbones into your toast, which brings a whole new life to plain toast.

Now I’m not actually sure how it works, and the manufacturer’s site isn’t very helpful either, even after you translate it from German to English. Now if only they would make an entire line of skulls for your kitchen, like an oven with skull and crossbones that every time you open it, it does an evil laugh. They could even make the coils of the burners in the shape of a little skull and crossbones.

This particular toaster costs 32.95EUR. Now I’m going to have that “Yah, toast” song stuck in my head forever.

If Captain Jack Sparrow had a toaster [via crave]

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