Yacht Turns Into a Submarine

Yachts are one of those things that, the moment you get the extra –extra– money to get one, you get one. No doubt about it, they're a great indicator of how rich you are. Is there any better way to show off than to have a mansion that can sail the seven seas? Probably not. Unless, if that mansion that can sail the seven seas can also dive into the seven seas. Here's the U-010, and it's a yacht that, upon command, can turn into a submarine.

As you'd expect, when the yacht is, a yacht, you can lounge out on the huge deck, get some rays, and relax while the ocean carries you around. The inside of the huge boat is pretty ornate, as anyone would imagine, and it would need to be, considering you'll be under water for awhile. That's just our personal belief, anyway. After all, if you've got a boat that can turn into a submarine, wouldn't you be underwater a lot?

When the yacht turns into that submarine, it switches from diesel power to electric. You'll still be picked up by other submarines, like military ones, but at least you won't be polluting anything, right? We've got admit that this thing looks awesome, especially with that little mini-sub that's trailing behind. We want one.

[via BornRich]